Rafał Trzop
—  front end developer  —

Web designer

I am passionate about creating usable, attractive and minimalistic websites with pixel perfection. Custom and creative solutions, unique and stunning design, functional site structure and intuitive navigation these are the main principles of my work.

Logo designer

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to remove. A well-designed logo ought to be simple, memorable and versatile not mentioning about its main task – strong identification with represented brand.

Layout artist

Whether it is a website, a mobile application or just an ordinary piece of a printed text page it still requires proper structure and layout of images and text including color, typeface and formatting. Composition is one of the most important features of any design work but as you might guess not the only one.

Rocket scientist

Well, not really but who knows? Aspiring Front End Developer and Human Computer Interaction student at the Jagiellonian University getting better at craft with each passing day.

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  • webook.pl screenshot

    Community of book readers

    Complete redesign of website for book readers including new graphic design and coding of templates for each subpage. Preparation of roll-up banner stand.

  • weresu.me screenshot

    Articles and essays for students

    Preparation of layout for website gathering free articles and essays for high school and university students.

  • goszczynski.nowytarg.pl screenshot

    Seweryn Goszczyński High School

    The unanimous award by the jury in the competition for graphic design of new website for Seweryn Goszczyński High School no. 1 in Nowy Targ.

  • epicentrum.github.io screenshot

    Students' research circle

    Preparation of responsive website and vector logo for students' research circle Epicentrum at the Jagiellonian University.

  • krakdroid.pl screenshot

    Conference for Android Developers

    Preparation of website, vector logo, poster and stickers promoting KrakDroid conference on builiding Android applications which was held in Cracow, Poland.